Women's NightTech Compression Socks

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Don't let the dark stop you.

CEP Compression Nighttech Socks combine our TRUE COMPRESSION profile, found in our acclaimed Run 2.0 sock and add style and safety with new REFLECTOR DOTS. It is important to be able to continue training in the fall and winter when the days get shorter and visibility is poor; highly reflective colored dots on the back of the socks ensure maximum visibility.

CEP Compression Nighttech Socks feature our proprietary compression profile that is clinically proven to improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury. By increasing circulation, muscles are fueled with more oxygen and nutrients, giving you more power and control during active use, and helping to prevent overuse injuries.

high-tech compression fibers wrap around the leg over 300 times to give calf muscles maximum support and stability. This helps prevent micro tears in the connective tissues that cause shin splints.

Air flows easily through the improved heat and moisture venting zone on the front of the shin, pulling sweat away from the body and reducing skin temperature up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit.


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