Men's Ultralight Short Socks

Size Guide
Electric Blue/Green

Weighted for Summer, Designed for Performance

CEP Ultralight Short Socks feature amazing metatarsal compression in the mid-foot and fit like a glove for ultimate comfort.

CEP Ultralight Short Socks are 25% thinner thanks to polypropylene that sheds weight without sacrificing strength. These all-rounders and can be worn for all sports from running, to golf, to football. The four-inch cuff height offers our proven compression for improved circulation.

They fit perfectly with CEP Calf Sleeves, and Ultralight Sleeves to create a true progressive compression profile. Our Ultralight Short Socks feature our most advanced synthetic fibers and our proven compression. The polypropylene yarn is hydrophobic, so moisture quickly wicks away from the skin.

The four-inch cuff height of our Ultralight Short Socks fit just below the calf for a crew length height. This length allows us to offer our true compression story from the ankle down.

How to wash CEP Ultralight Short Socks

- Machine wash in cold water

- Hang to dry

- No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents


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